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Mountain Shadows Custom Guns

Supporting shooting sports in America


We sell the complete rifles and all of the accessories pictured here.

Custom Accessorized AR-10s & 15s

  This highly modified AR-10, 7.62x51 is kitted out as a ranged weapon. It is a Aero-Precision Billet Upper and Lower. It has a Timney Target Trigger and is equipped with a Unertl 15 power Target Scope. It features a Fluted 20" barrel that is fully free Floating.  It has a  MagPul PRS Target Stock, an Ergo target Grip and a Bi-Pod. This thing is EASILY sub MOA. This is for sale, but this rifle is the BEST of the VERY BEST. It is EXPENSIVE.


This Palmetto State Armory PA-10 is a 308/762x51 has a16" 1-10 DPMS barrel, an M-4 stock, an ARD 15" Hybrid Hand Guard with an A-2 Flash Hider.




  This TNW ARMS 7.62 x 39mm AM-15 is kitted out as a Varmint/Zombie weapon. It comes equipped with an AIM-Sports Holo Sight.  It has an AIM-Sports Laser This rifle has been test fired only. 



This TNW SGP 15 Pistol is kitted out as an urban combat self-defense weapon. It's equipped with an AIM-Sports Holo Sight.  It has an AIM-Sports Laser, Sig Sauer Arm Brace, one P-Mag 30 Round Magazine and single Point Mission Sling.





We have MANY others in Stock or easily available. Let's piss off some Liberals!!


  We can accessorize these AR-10 or 15 platforms to any specification you might require. Call me and discuss your plans. We will ship to these FFLs anywhere that they are not banned. Before ordering, please check all local laws to be sure the Anti-Gun Nazis have not banned you from owning this unit or any part of it. No sales to Commiefornia, New York or Connecticut. If you live in any of these states-- MOVE!


Many liberals were irritated by the creation of this advertising!



  Mt. Shadows Custom Guns

  P.O. Box 407

  Odell, Oregon 97044

  Office:  (541) 490 4483

  e-mail: cmconslt@aol.com



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