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Cliff Mansfield


    Here I am at my favorite place, the beach. I'm dirty from another long day at work. This picture was taken on historic Wake Island in the remote Pacific in the summer of 2004. Wake is one of the most remote islands on earth. The nearest land is over 900 miles away. It was the site of a major U.S. Marine Corps battle in WWII. The island was attacked the day after Pearl Harbor but the Marines, aided by construction workers from Morrison Knudson, mounted an epic defense. I strongly recommend the movie "Wake Island: The Alamo of the Pacific". After capturing the island, the Japanese enslaved the surviving defenders and forced them to reconstruct the airfield and revetments for the aircraft based there. The Japanese later slaughtered all of the surviving Marines and the construction workers from Morrison-Knudson to prevent the Americans from learning of their abysmal treatment of these prisoners.

    While I was there we milled off and repaved the runway for the Navy. I personally made nearly 100,000 tons of "in spec" hot mix with a CMI 10X drum plant for this job. If you "Google Earth" for Wake Island you can see our plant set up at the end of the runway.

    I'm Cliff Mansfield, president and owner of Cliff Mansfield Incorporated. N.W. Environmental Services and Testing is one of 5 divisions of this parent company. I have worked in the paving industry since 1975. I started as a ground-man on a 1951 StanSteel RM-40, but soon moved up to plant operator. Within a year I was in charge of three plants and their personnel. Over the next 15 years I slowly took over command of as many as 39 asphalt plants and all of their associated personnel. Since 1975 I have been in direct contact with all styles of asphalt plants and have acquired a strong background in on-going operations and repairs. I started C.M. Consulting in 1990 and have been in 97 countries on 6 continents since then.

  Now, after nearly 20 years of traveling the world repairing asphalt plants and training personnel in such exotic locations as Tunguska Russia, Saipan FMI, Wake Island, Kwajalein Atoll, The Cayman Islands and many others I am finally convinced I have seen enough of the world. I am working to focus my asphalt plant engineering business into the western USA. I have nearly 35 years of experience with asphalt plants and have extensive customer references all over the USA and the world.

  In recent years “burner tuning” has become a very large part of the services we offer. Today’s fuel prices mean that if I can tune a client’s burner to save even 5% of the fuel they were using it is a significant savings, worth the effort to pursue.

While C.M. Consulting's primary mission is plant set-up, restart, repair, and personnel training, we strive to provide a well-rounded service capable of addressing any problems that arise. See the "Services" page on the C. M. Consulting web page for the types of services we offer.   www.hotplantconsulting.com

   My hobbies include writing, collecting old guns, motorcycles, drag racing and building Hot Rod cars. If you attend any of the major west coast car shows chances are you will see one of our cars on display. See photos below:

This is my highly customized 2007 Thunder Mountain Chopper. The show winning custom paint was done by Jason Prouty - Portland, Ore. It is for sale.



Built during the 2009/2010 winter in Cliff Mansfield Incorporated hot rod shops, this 1973 Ford pickup is one very fast ride. It runs the 1/4 mile in 9.38 seconds @147 mph.


This is my 7 second 1991 Ford Thunderbird. It is new for the 2013 season


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One of our companies, C.M. Classics, Restores Muscle Cars. We have restored many Muscle cars like the 1967 Olds 442 shown below. We used a 650 hp 427 Chevrolet engine and 'Rock Crusher' 4-speed in the car.  This beautiful Oldsmobile has won numerous awards on the Show Car circuit all around the Northwest.

  If you are interested in high quality hot rods, please visit our  C. M. Classics web site. C.M. Classics is our hot rod shop where we build all makes and models of American iron. Mostly for ourselves, but we offer some of our finished projects for sale. With over 30 years experience in building high out-put engines and drive trains, and over 20 years experience in custom paint and interiors, we build some truly special creations. At the moment we have several completed cars for sale.




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