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May 07, 2017


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Mountain Shadows Custom Guns

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Survival Gear

  Mt. Shadows Custom Guns is proud to offer Survival Supplies. Sure, we all hope and pray that our world stays stable. That there are no natural disasters, no zombie apocalypses, LA style riots or Mayan predictions of DOOM that cause upheaval in our existence. But isn't it better to be prepared than get caught off guard? I think so!

Personal Survival Bags

  These are 3-Day "Survival Bags". They are designed to keep one person alive for 3 days, 5 if you are frugal. They have everything in them to survive for at least 3 days without anything else. Food (3 meals a day for 3 days), water (there are 9 pouches of water with everything you would need to get and store more), and enough things to make a temporary shelter. Everything has been put together in one of these bags. And we have included the necessary things to gather enough supplies from nature to keep a person alive for a whole lot longer. We've also included First-Aid supplies to take care of most minor injuries you might have.

   Think of it this way. If you went on a trip and got stranded or had an accident and could not be found you could survive on what is in these bags. Maybe we have a natural disaster (earth quake, flood, snow storm, or anything like that) so you grab your bag and head out to safety. With the contents of this bag a person would be able to survive. This stuff is in a quality backpack, easily carried on your back and already packed ready to go. These are packed and ready to go. Just add your own personal things like prescription medicine, small hand gun, ammunition, a change of clothes, etc.. There are places on the bottom of the pack to strap your sleeping bag and ground pad and enough other places to hook gear onto the outside. Plus there's extra room inside for what you want to add. Buy one for each member of your family.


Bug Out Bags



$450 as assembled here.


Call the store and see what we have for you.


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