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P.O. Box 407
Odell, Oregon 97044
United States
Phone: 541-490-4483
Fax: 541-352-7943


Mountain Shadows Custom Guns

Supporting shooting sports in America

Company Namesake- Mount Hood

picture taken from our offices near Odell, Oregon



Cliff Mansfield Inc. Corporate Office

South of Odell, Oregon on Highway 35

NOTE See the Winchesters on the walls? I buy Winchester Lever Rifles. Older is BETTER. I have CASH to buy your Pre-WWII Model '66s, '73s, '76s, '85s, '86s, '92 & '94s in ANY calibers.


The Company Mission

  Mt. Shadows Custom Guns is a division of an Oregon registered corporation established in 1992. Our mission is to support shooting sports and firearms ownership in our area while providing quality service and competitive pricing on new and used guns. We also offer cash for all Firearms related items and we are keenly interested in buying Military artifacts, antique guns and Gold or Silver items.



  Cliff Mansfield Inc. is the parent company of the various corporations I operate. Here are the main ones. There are two more-
  C.M. Consulting is a very successful international engineering company working in the highway construction arena. Cliff Mansfield is an industry recognized expert in the operation, utilization and maintenance of asphalt plants. In the last 15 years he has visited several HUNDRED countries and assisted in countless project around the world.
  C.M. Classics is an automobile restoration company. We build everything from Resto-Mods to NASTY FAST race cars.
  Mountain Shadows Custom Guns is a DBA. of CCW Arms LLC.
Cliff Mansfield
Here is owner Cliff Mansfield operating a 500 tph asphalt plant on Wake Island in 2004

We Proudly Support Our Troops Around the World

If you can't get behind our troops, please get in front of them.


 Semper Fi

  This is the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial on Wake Island. Wake was attacked the same day as Pearl Harbor. 450 Marines, 68 sailors and 1,221 civilian contractors repelled a series of attacks until finally being overrun on 23 December. Most captives were sent to China as slave labor for the Japanese Army. The remaining men were enslaved by the invading Japanese and forced to build infrastructure on the island. On 5 October, 1943, fearing invasion by US forces and wanting to conceal their horrific treatment of the Americans, the Japanese soldiers killed 98 civilian workers that remained on the island.

We must never forget.  Ooorah!



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